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  • Stagga


    Stagga’s distinctive style and sound, crafted from the early years of Dubstep, (most famously the ‘Sick as sin’ e.p.) gained support from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Rusko, Rob Da Bank, Starkey, N-type , RSD, and Daedalus to name a few. In a post Dubstep era Stagga remains to be an artist who stands out, with his glitched up beats & drunken bass tones, he firmly stamps his unique style on any track he produces. You can always tell ” It’s a Stagga tune”, perfect for the purveyors of BASSS! Stagga’s recently drawn back to his hip hop heritage & come with a fresh sound. His eagerly anticipated next release the ‘Who Ya Gonna Kill’ e.p. is set to make a big impact on dance floors globally after catching the ears of Gaslamp Killer, Plastician (rinse fm), Alexander Nut (rinse fm), Salva (BBC Radio 1), Rob Da Bank (BBC Radio 1) and Brackles (rinse fm), paving the way for many future releases through his newly formed label ‘Fat Fridge’.