Welcome To Fat Fridge Records


“The name Fat Fridge doesn’t really have much to do with a newly formed home for music, which it in fact is. But if this label was actually a fridge we’d want it to be jam packed full of goodies,,’fat’ like you’ve just got back from the weekly stock up and nothing’s even been opened yet..mango juice next to the vino in the door, Sundays joint on the bottom with a honey dew, cheesecake and an Italian mixed ready to eat in the middle, halloumi streaky unsmoked ribeye organic matured taking up the top shelf with a cooling lychee Rubicon…..this is the fridge we want you all to have! Fun and full like the fridge from ‘E.T.’ In the scene when he gets sloshed, whilst remaining paranoically interdimensional and ominous like Ripleys Zule fridge in ‘Ghostbusters’which is a great film and the soundtrack is ok too…anyways I’m sure you get the picture by now,,,,feel free to delve into our shelves whenever you feel your fridge could be a bit fatter.”



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